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Vredestein logo on a background of black tyresVredestein logo on a background of black tyres

Vredestein is a Dutch tyre manufacturer which was founded in 1908. The company produces 6 million tyres a year, most of which are manufactured in the Netherlands. The company has several sales offices around the world.

R&D is of paramount importance at Vredestein, whose long-standing drive for innovation has resulted in them winning various prizes with their tyres.

In 2020, the company decided to focus more on the production of larger-sized tyres, including agricultural tyres.

BAS Tyres specializes in the supply of Vredestein tires for tractors / agricultural vehicles and light commercial vehicles.



Vredestein logo on a black tyreVredestein logo on a black tyre

Different type of Vredestein Tyres

Vredestein agricultural tyres

Vredestein is increasingly focusing its business operations on the development and production of agricultural and tractor tyres. One way in which the company is doing this is by entering into partnerships with John Deere. Customers who buy a tractor can choose to fit it with John Deere tyres as standard.

Vredestein has also developed a new type of tyre: Traxion Optimall. This is a tyre specifically developed for agricultural machines. It reduces wheel slip by 5.5 percent, can run at the lowest inflation pressure and on average is €1 cheaper per operating hour on various agricultural machines.

BAS Tyres offer Vredestein agricultural tyres against very competitive prices

Vredestein Traxxion harvest tractor tyreVredestein Traxxion harvest tractor tyre

Vredestein Light commercial tyres 

Vredestein is praised by many for its excellent all-season commercial vehicle tyres. These tyres are regularly voted the best in tests. All-season commercial vehicle tyres from Vredestein have very good driving characteristics and excellent grip everywhere.
In addition to all-season commercial vehicle tyres, Vredestein also offers very good summer and winter commercial vehicle tyres

BAS Tyres offer Vredestein light commercial tyres against very competitive prices


Vredestein light commercial vehicle tyreVredestein light commercial vehicle tyre

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