Buy used tyres for trucks, light commercial vehicles, tractors and large earth moving machinery

Used tyres in storage at BAS TyresUsed tyres in storage at BAS Tyres

Looking for used tyres? BAS Tyres has a large assortiment of used tyres. Buying brand new tyres can be very expensive, it can be wise to order used tyres.
Many people think of used tyres as totally worn tyres without any profile. This is, however, a totally wrong image; used tyres are often still of very good quality and can be driven for tens of thousands of kilometres.

What are the advantages of used tyres?

Used tyres have different advantages:

  • Used tyres are very cheap to buy. A-brand tyres such as Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone can be bought at the new price of budget tyres.
  • High profile and long life at a low price.
  • Low cost per km: By purchasing cheaper used tyres, a low cost per km is realised.


Stapel nieuw gebruikte vrachtwagenbandenStapel nieuw gebruikte vrachtwagenbanden

Where do we get our used tyres from?

Many of the used tyres that we sell have not even covered 5,000 kilometres. We obtain our used tyres in the following ways, among others: 

  • Damaged trucks: our sister company BAS Parts buys damaged trucks to dismantle. Many damaged trucks still have good tyres (A brands, low mileage). We then buy these tyres from BAS Parts and offer them for sale.

  • Trade-in tyres: Many transport companies consider it important that their drivers drive safely on the road. For this reason, these companies replace their tyres early. These companies trade in their used tyres for brand new tyres with us.

  • Demo tyres: these are tyres that are fitted to a vehicle for special occasions and which have not actually been driven on. For example, new tyres are often fitted to trucks for trade fairs.

  • Via BAS World: At BAS World, they sell trucks, vans and large earthmoving machinery. Many customers choose to have new tyres fitted with their purchase. In this way, the old tyres are exchanged. We then buy these used tyres.


BAS World en stapel vrachtwagenbandenBAS World en stapel vrachtwagenbanden

High quality guaranteed

All our used tyres are extensively tested and checked. The tyres are all puncture-free and have sufficient profile. For each used tyre we also state the amount of tread left.

What types of used tyres do we sell?

 There are various types of used tyres. They can be roughly divided into the following categories.

  • Newly used tyres: This is the most common category of tyre that we sell. These tyres still have a lot of tread and are of high quality. These are often A-brands and are guaranteed to last a long time.
  • Spare tyres: These are used tyres that we supply complete with rims. These tyres are ideal as a home-comer for trucks. They have more than enough profile to get safely to a garage.
  • Export tyres: These tyres have so little profile that they are no longer sold in Europe. These tyres are very popular for export use.
Export bandenExport banden

Used rims

Besides used tyres, we can also supply used rims. We mainly have truck rims in stock. We always have more than 250 used rims in stock with different diameters, pitch sizes and bolt patterns.

We have ALCOA rims in stock

Used earthmover tyres (loader, digger tyres)

We can also offer used tyres. Large loader and digger tyres can be very expensive to buy. In many cases, it is therefore cheaper to buy used tyres.

Gebruikte ALCOA velgenGebruikte ALCOA velgen

Convinced of the quality and advantages of used tyres?

With a stock of more than 500 used tyres (for all types of vehicles) and more than 250 used rims, we can always supply the right products.

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