385/65R22.5 Truck tyres

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385/65R22.5 truck tyres

The tyre size 385/65R22.5 is a size especially for trucks. A tyre with this size has a tyre width of 385 mm and a tyre height of 65%. The letter R indicates that it is a Radial tyre. The rim diameter of this tyre is 22.5 inch.

How to read the tyre size of my truck?

It is actually quite easy to determite the tyre size of a truck. You can find the tyre size on the side of a tyre. This side is better known as the sidewall of the tyre. On this sidewall you will find a string of information. The first 3 digits indicates the tyre width. After these 3 digits there is the / (slash), this is a seperation mark. The 2 numbers after the slash indicates the height of the tyre in a percentage. The letter R of D indicates what type of tyre it is. The most common tyre is the Radial tyre (indicated by R) followed by the Diagonal tyre (D).
The last 2 digits indicates the rim size

Read more: How to read and understand tyre sizes of trucks?

Which truck tyres can I mount on which axle? 

A truck has several axles; a trailer axles, drive axles or steering axles. There are legal rules regarding which tyres may be fitted to which axles. These regulations have been made because of the fact that truck tyres have  specific tread patterns. A tread pattern is the profile design of a tyre. These tread patterns are specially developed for certain applications. For example, tyres with tread pattern D can better withstand the transmission of engine torque and the forces generated by braking. For this reason, these tyres may only be fitted on the drive axle.

  • Steering axles: only tyres with tread pattern F or Z may be fitted to the steering axle.
  • Drive axles: on the drive axle, only tyres with tread pattern D or Z may be used.
  • Trailer axles:on trailer axles, only tyres with tread pattern T or Z may be used.

How to choose the perfect truck tyre?

Het is van essentieel belang dat de juiste vrachtwagenband wordt gekozen. Er zijn hierbij verschillende aspecten van belang:

  • The correct tyre size: First of all, the correct tyre size has to be found out. This can be found on the sidewall of the tyre. In the paragraph above we described on how you can interpretend this string of information. It is also important to choose the correct load and speed index for the tyre.
  • The correct tread pattern: Next, it is important to consider the axle on which the tyre is to be mounted. Tyres with tread pattern F and Z belong on the steering axle, D or Z tyres on the drive axle and T or Z tyres on the trailer axle.
  • The tyre brand: BAS Tyres has 3 categories of tyres in our assortment: Premium, Alternative and Economy tyres.

Premium tyres, Alternative tyres or  Economy tyres?

We have a large variety of tyres. We can categorize our tyres in 3 groups:


  • Premium tyre brands like Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone are renowned for their innovation and high quality. Examples of premium brands are: Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook en Vredestein.
  • Alternative tyre brands: alternative tyre brands are produced in Europe in the factories of the premium tyre brands. These premium tyre brands produce these tyres under different names. For instance, Barum tyres are produced by Continental. Alternative tyre brands have the qualities of premium brands, at a fraction of the price. Good examples of this are: Barum, Firestone, Tegrys, Eracle and Formula
  • Economy tyre brands; BAS tyres imports their economy tyres from Asia. All the tyres we import are tested and are certified. This way we can ensure the quality of the tyres. We can supply these tyres at the lowest price per kilometer. Examples of economy tyres are Goodride, Golden Crown, Leao en Linglong

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