Truck tyre wholesale 

BAS Tyres stacked wheels and tyresBAS Tyres stacked wheels and tyres

BAS Tyres; for large amounts of truck tyres

We at BAS Tyres understand that you want to keep your vehicles moving. It is important that truck tyres are replaced before they wear out. Changing out the truck tyres on time will limit the changes of a blow out which will leave your truck stranded. 
A constant supply of truck tyres is therefore no superfluous luxury. BAS Tyres can offer all the truck sizes you need at very competitive prices. We can both deliver (very) large or small amounts of truck tyres.
Thanks to our wide product range and the right purchasing channels, we can supply all sized and brands in a very short amounts of time.

Because of our competitive prices, fast delivery, large assortment and extensive knowlegde of truck tyres we became the regular supplier of many transport companies. Are you the next one?

Discount on large lots of tyres

Do you want to prevent standstill of your vehicles because of worn out Tyres?
Do you want to have a large stock of truck tyres at your disposal?

Then take your chances at BAS Tyres!
We can offer attractive discounts when you buy large lots of tyres in one buy at BAS Tyres. This discount is regardless of the brand of the tyre.
The discount lowers price per kilometre and allows you to save even more money.

Please contact us for more information


Large stock of truck tyres at BAS TyresLarge stock of truck tyres at BAS Tyres

Ordering big amounts of tyres

BAS Tyres specialises in the handling and sale of large quantities, the quantities can range from 100 tyres to the number of containers you require. 

Container full of Tyres at BAS TyresContainer full of Tyres at BAS Tyres

Truck tyre delivery within 24 hours

At BAS Tyres we have a constant stock of 15.000 truck tyres. If your tyres are not available from stock, we guarantee a delivery within 24 hours in our workshop. Our transport department can deliver your tyres within Europe at very affordable prices. Big volumes can be transported by container.

We can also deliver the truck tyres directly from the factory, so you can receive them even faster. In that case we can fully arrange the transport, shipping and administration.

Worldwide shipping

We can ship the tyres in a 40ft container against the lowest costs. Please find below an overview of our lowest costs of all-in shipping prices. We guarantee no surcharges along the way. Furthermore, for only 0.8% of the shipment value we can also insure the complete freight.

You're destination not in the list? No worries. We ship to more than 100 countries around the world, so do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We guarantee that your shipment will be on the first possible boat.

BAS Tyres truckBAS Tyres truck

How many truck tyres fit in a 40ft container?

A 40ft container fits 180 to 250 truck tyres, depending on the size of the tyre.
The table on the right shows the sizes of the tyre and how many fit in one container

Truck tyre size Amount of tyres that fit in 1 container
295/60 x 22.5 250 truck tyres
295/80 x 22.5 210 truck tyres
315/60 x 22.5 240 truck tyres
315/70 x 22.5 220 truck tyres
315/80 x 22.5 200 truck tyres
385/55 x 22.5 190 truck tyres
385/65 x 22.5 180 truck tyres
425/65 x 22.5 120 truck tyres
445/45 x 19.5 180 truck tyres
12R22.5 210 truck tyres
13R22.5 200 truck tyres
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