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Buy 14.00R25 Earthmover Tyres online

14.00R25 is a common tyre size for large earthmoving and OTR (Off The Road) machines. This tyre has a 14.00-inch width and the corresponding rim diameter is 25 inches. The letter R indicates that this is a radial tyre type.

How do I find the tyre size for my earthmoving machine?

A lot of information about tyres can be found on the sidewall of a tyre. Large earthmover tyres form no exceptions for this rule. On the sidewall you can find the tyre width (first digits) followed by a slash (/). The digits after the slash indicates the tyre height as a percentage of the width. A letter indicates the type of tyre (Diagonal or Radial) and the last number indicates the rim size.
For instance: 385/95R25

With earthmover tyres it is also possible that the tyre information consists of: a number (Tyre width) followed by a letter (R or D) and after that another digit (rim size)
For instance: 14.00R25

For a more detailed explanation, tips and more information, we recommend reading the article below.

Read the full article: how to read an earthmover tyre


The TRA code of an earthmover tyre

A TRA code in an earthmover tyre consists of a number and letter combination. Often this combination consists of a letter, followed by a number and possibly another letter.
TRA code is an international benchmark recognised by international organisations such as the ISO and JATMA

The first letter shows the tread profile, the second figure indicates the tread depth and the last letter says something about the profile / pattern of the earthmoving tyre.

The different tread patterns of earthmover tyres

Earthmoving machines are used for various task and enviroments. Each machine has its own specific tread pattern. This tread pattern is indicated by letters according to the TRA guidelines.
We can categorise the tyres in 4 categories: 

  • E: Dumptrucks are equipped with tyres with thread pattern E.
  • G: Tyres with a tread pattern G are mounted on Graders.
  • L: Loaders and Dozers need tyres with threadpattern L.
  • C: Compacting machines use C tyres.

Thread depth of Earthmover Tyres

A TRA code also consists of a thread depth.

  • A number 2 or 3 shows that the tread depth is 100%.
  • Number 4 indicates that the profile depth is 150%.
  • Number 5 indicates that the tyre has 250% profile depth

Earthmover Tyre profile

Earthmover Tyres can have 3 different profiles:

  • T = Traction, these tyres offer extra high traction.
  • R = Rock, these tyres are good for stone-rich environments. These tyres are better protected against sharp stones and are less prone to cutting.
  • S = Smooth, also known as slicks. These tyres offer a little amount of tracion but are extremely well protected against cuts form sharp stones.

What is the difference between TubeLess (TL) or Tube Type (TT) tyres?

When searching for the perfect tyre for large earthmoving machines, the terms fly by. Two of the most common terms are TL and TT, but what do they mean?

  • TL stands for TubeLess. This means that the tyre has no inner tube. Air stays in the tyre because TL tyres are mounted on special rims. These rims have a special structure that prevents air from escaping. In addition, the valve is mounted in the rim. The advantage of this type of tyre is that it deflates slowly on contact with a sharp object.
  • TT stands for Tube Type. This type of tyre does have an inner tube. This inner tube is mounted between the rim and the outer tyre. The valve is directly connected to the inner tube and not to the rim as is the case with a TL tyre.

Load and speed index of large earthmover tyres

What is a load index on Earthmover Tyres?

A very important aspect of choosing an earthmover tyre is the load index. The load index provides the maximum amount of weight that a tyre is allowed to transport. 
When buying a new earthmover tyre, always choose a tyre with the same or a high load index.

What is the speed index on Earthmover Tyres?

Large earthmoving machines are not known for their high speeds. But even these tyres are provided with a speed index number.

There are 5 speed index codes

Suitable machine Speedindex Maximum speed
Loaders A2 10 km/h
Industrial tyres A5 25 km/h
Graders A8 40 km/h
Dump Trucks B 50 km/h
Mobile crane E/F 70 - 80 km/h

Used earthmover tyres

Besides new earthmover tyres, we also offer used earthmover tyres. All these used earthmover tyres have been professionally inspected by us and, if necessary, repaired. This gives you good quality used earthmover tyres at a fraction of the price.

Order earthmover tyres online

Earthmover tyres are very large in weight and size, but you can also order these large tyres from us online in the webshop. We can even deliver them. With our quick service and short delivery time, your vehicle will be back on the road in no time.

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