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Buy 800/65R32 tractor tyres

A very common tyre size for agricultural vehicles is 800/65R32. This tractor tyre has a tyre width of 800 mm and a height of 65%. The letter R indicates that this is a Radial tyre. The rim size of this tyre is 32 inch.

Buy tractor tyres online

It is always busy on the countryside. That's why we made it easy to order agricultural tyres online. You can place an order on any given time of the day. We even deliver your tractor tyres at your farm or company.  Need someone to mount the tyres? BAS Tyres is also the right adress for the mounting of tractor tyres.

Where can I find the size of my tractor tyre?

You can use the same method to read every type of tyre; reading tractor tyres can be done the same way as reading a car tyre. All the information you need is written on the side off the tyre. This side is also known as the sidewall of a tyre. The first number on the sidewall indicates the tyre width, the second number is the tyre heigt followed by a letter. This letter indicates the type of tyre (Diagonal (D) or Radial (R). The last number indicates the rim size.

Read more about tractor tyre sizes and how to read them

What should I look for when buying tractor tyres?

Tractor tyres come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to check which tractor tyre is suitable for your application:

Counteract soil compaction with the right tyres

Soil compaction arises when heavy machinery (tractors etc) are driven over wet or vulnerable ground. This compresses the soil which in turn makes it harder for rainwater to penetrate the soil. In the long run, there will be less CO2 and oxygen in the soil, which is bad for the growth of plants on agricultural land.

Soil compaction can be prevented by choosing special tyres. IF and VF tyres are examples of these special tyres.

IF or VF tyres

A tractor tyre with a lower inflation pressure has a wider contact area with the soil. The wider the contact area, the less chance of soil compaction. Also, tyres with a wider contact area have more traction, which reduces wheel slip. Tyres with IF or VF technology can run at lower pressures than normal tractor tyres.

IF tyres: IF stands for Improved Flexion, these are tyres with a more flexible structure. This means that the tyre can be driven with 20% less pressure and can be subjected to 20% more load than a standard tyre.

VF tyres: VF tyres are even more flexible than IF tyres. VF stands for Very High Flexion. These tyres can be driven at up to 40% less pressure and can carry 40% more load than a standard tyre.

Load index of a tractor tyre

The load index of a tractor tyre indicates the amount of weight that the vehicle is allowed to carry. The load index of a tractor tyre starts at the number 228 (maximum weight of 31.500 kg) and ends at number 269 (103.000 kg)

For the total overview of tractor tyre load index numbers we refer to a special page we wrote:

Read more about the load index of a tractor tyre

Speed index tractor tyres

Tractor tyres, like all tyres, have a speed index. The speed index indicates how fast a tyre can be driven. This is especially important for tractors that drive mainly on public roads.

Speed rating Maximum speed Speed rating Maximum speed
A1 5 km/h B 50 km/h
A2 10 km/h C 60 km/h
A3 15 km/h D 65 km/h
A4 20 km/h E 70 km/h
A5 25 km/h F 80 km/h
A6 30 km/h G 90 km/h
A7 35 km/h H 100 km/h
A8 40 km/h    

Second hand tractor tyres

Sometimes you do not need new tractor tyres. For example if you have a very old tractor that you do not drive very often and only need sometimes.
This is why we also offer second hand tractor tyres. All of our second hand tyres have been checked, tested and in some cases even repaired. We can guaranty the great quality of our second hand tyres against a fraction of the price.

Can you change a tractor tyre by yourself?

It is possible to change tractor tyres yourself, but this can be quite a dangerous job. Especially with large tractor tyres. It is therefore recommended to let an experienced party change your tractor tyres. At BAS Tyres, we can do this for you at our tyre change centres or at you location. With 8 locations (in The Netherlands and Germany), there is always a location near you. With us, you don't need to make an appointment.

Do you have a very busy schedule and no time to visit us? We can also fit and change tractor tyres on your location.

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