Michelin OTR (Off The Road) Truck tyres

Michelin logo with a background made of tyresMichelin logo with a background made of tyres

Michelin is one of the worlds biggest manufacturer of tyres. BAS Tyres offers a large selection of Michelin OTR Truck tyres

Besides Michelin OTR tyres BAS tyres also offers Michelin Truck Tyres, Michelin agricultural tyres and Michelin Light commercial Tyres against very competitve prices.

The advantages of Michelin OTR truck tyres

Michelin OTR Tyres have the following advantages:

  • The tyres are Extra thick
  • Reinforced zones are added to strenghten the tyre
  • The tyres distribute the weight excellent 
Michelin OTR tyre XDR3Michelin OTR tyre XDR3

BAS Tyres has the perfect Michelin OTR tyre for you

Michelin tyres on a white truckMichelin tyres on a white truck

About Michelin Tyres

The widely known A-brand Michelin is the market leader in tires. Every year Michelin produces more than 200 million tires in all shapes and sizes. 

With its proven quality and innovation, you can be sure that you are making a good choice with Michelin tires. Michelin tires are characterized by their reliability, durability, safety and high quality.

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