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Green Goodride logo with a background of black tyresGreen Goodride logo with a background of black tyres

Goodride, founded in 1958, is the largest tyre manufacturer in China. The company ranks ninth worldwide. The company produces 19 million truck tyres per year and sells them in 120 different countries. With its extensive collection, there is always a Goodride tyre to suit your needs. With years of experience in the industry, you are assured of a good purchase.

BAS Tyres specializes in the supply of Goodride tires for trucks and earth-moving vehicles (OTR)



Goodride Radial M/TGoodride Radial M/T

Different type of Goodride Tyres

Goodride truck tyres 

Goodride truck tyres have been developed to combat uneven tyre wear. This makes the tyres very suitable for long distances. This extends the life of the tyre. In addition, the deep grooves in the tyre allow for better water drainage.

BAS Tyres offers Goodride truck tyres againt very competitive prices

Goodride truck tyreGoodride truck tyre

Goodride OTR Tyres 

Goodride's OTR (Off The Road) tyres are suitable for tough working conditions. The tyres have a special design which gives them a lot of traction in muddy conditions. The OTR tyres have extra deep grooves, giving the tyres a longer life. In addition, the sidewall is shaped to reduce tearing.

BAS Tyres offers Goodride OTR tyres againt very competitive prices

Goodride OTR tyreGoodride OTR tyre
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