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Red Alliance logo on a background of tyresRed Alliance logo on a background of tyres

The Israeli brand Alliance is specialised in agricultural tyres. Since 1950, they have not only been producing tyres for row crops, but over the years they have also increasingly specialised in support tyres and radial tyres.

Whichever Alliance tyre you choose, you can be sure that it is aimed at providing the best possible protection for crops and fields.

The Alliance tyres are suitable for tractors, but also for sprayers and other agricultural vehicles where it is important not to damage the agricultural soil.

BAS Tyres specialises in offering Alliance tyres for tractor and agricultural vehicles against competitive prices.



Alliance tractor tyre Agri start IIAlliance tractor tyre Agri start II

Different type of Alliance Tyres

Alliance agricultural/tractor tyres

Alliance tractor tyres are developed in cooperation with dealers and farmers. The tyres are suitable for tractors that are driven both on and off the road. The tyres offer top performance in both areas.

The tyres have a longer life due to their reduced wear. The traction of the tyres remains high, despite wear and tear. This is due to the unique design with special lugs. For example, Alliance has a tractor tyre that, at 40% wear, still generates as much traction as when the tyre was delivered new.

BAS Tyres offer Alliance agricultural tyres against very competitive prices

Alliance 14.9-28 14 PLYAlliance 14.9-28 14 PLY

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