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Fast mounting of truck tyres

Direct mounting at BAS Tyres

BAS Tyres can always mount and balance your truck tyres if you trade-in you old tyres. You can visit BAS Tyres without an appointment. We always have a mechanic available who can immediately mount or switch your tyres. Your truck or trailer will be ready in no time.

How long takes a tyre change?
At BAS Tyres a tyre change takes 1 hour per truck in average, based on 4 truck tyres. During the mounting process we balance the steering axles and replace the valves.

How long takes a wheel change?
At BAS Tyres a wheel change takes approximately 20 minutes per truck, based on 4 wheels.

Delivery within 24 hours

BAS Tyres guarantees that your truck tyres are delivered within 24 hours. Because of our big stock of more than 15.000 tyres at different locations nearby, we can always offer your preferred tyres.

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