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Wholesale Truck Tyres

Wholesale prices starting at €175 Chinese / €250 Premium

Bulk tyres

For every volume

At BAS Tyres we understand that you want to keep your vehicles in good condition. Since truck tyres wear gradually, it is very important to replace them timely. Therefore, a constant stock of truck tyres would be a big benefit.

BAS Tyres will be pleased to help you. We can offer all preferred tyres at very competitive prices, for both small and big volumes. Because of our large assortment and the right purchase channels, we can deliver all sizes and brands within a short time period. That's why we are the preferred supplier of many transport companies.

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Discount on big volumes

Would you like to have a big stock of truck tyres to reduce vehicle downtime? Then take your chance at BAS Tyres! We can offer you great discounts on big volumes of truck tyres, irrespective of brand. This results in a lower price per kilometre, so you save even more! Please contact us for more information.

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Tyre swap system

It is also possible to develop a tyre swap system with BAS Tyres:

1. BAS Tyres delivers a batch of tyres mounted on a rim (complete wheel).

2. After you switch the old wheels, you trade them in at BAS Tyres.

3. BAS Tyres mounts the new tyres on your rims and delivers them when your tyres need to be replaced again.

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Quick delivery

Delivery within 24 hours

At BAS Tyres we have a constant stock of 15.000 truck tyres. If your tyres are not available from stock, we guarantee a delivery within 24 hours in our workshop. Our transport department can deliver your tyres within Europe at very affordable prices. Big volumes can be transported by container.

We can also deliver the truck tyres directly from the factory, so you can receive them even faster. In that case we can fully arrange the transport, shipping and administration.

Container tyre

Buy a 40ft container

In a 40ft container we can fit 180 to 250 tyres, depending on the size of the tyre.

Size Quantity
295/60 x 22.5 250 pcs.
295/80 x 22.5 210 pcs.
315/60 x 22.5 240 pcs.
315/70 x 22.5 220 pcs.
315/80 x 22.5 200 pcs.
385/55 x 22.5 190 pcs.
Size Quantity
385/65 x 22.5 180 pcs.
4235/65 x 22.5 120 pcs.
445/45 x 19.5 180 pcs.
12R22.5 210 pcs
13R22.5 200 pcs.
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Worldwide Shipping

We can ship the tyres in a 40ft container against the lowest costs. Please find below an overview of our lowest costs of all-in shipping prices. We guarantee no surcharges along the way. Furthermore, for only 0.8% of the shipment value we can also insure the complete freight.

You're destination not in the list? No worries. We ship to more than 100 countries around the world, so do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We guarantee that your shipment will be on the first possible boat.

Shipping prices to Africa

All in Price
(container rent + shipping + transport)
1.600 Senegal
1.700 Mali
1.800 Ivory Coast
1.900 Ghana
1.900 Togo
1.900 Nigeria
2.300 Tanzania
2.400 Kenya

Shipping prices to South America

All in Price
(container rent + shipping + transport)
2.400 Chile - Iquique
2.400 Chile - coronel
2.400 callao

Special wholesale offer

For our clients who purchase in large quantities we have a special wholesale offer. This offer is only valid as long as the stocks last and for a purchase of at least 10 pcs.
Service Price
Mounting €20,- per tyre
Balancing steering axle €20,- per tyre
Remove old tyre €10,- per tyre