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The total service concept for your vehicle

BAS Tyres is a major international player in the sale of new and used tyres. In addition to the sale of tyres for trucks, light commercial vehicles, tractors/agricultural vehicles and large earthmoving machinery, BAS Tyres is also a provider of various services.

At BAS Tyres we also offer alignment services, very fast wheel and tyres changes (Formula 1 fast). We can provide this service in one of our 8 locations (in the Netherlands or Germany).

BAS Tyre workshopBAS Tyre workshop

Wheels and tyres changed within 1 hour!

BAS Tyres is known for its very fast service. You can drop by any of our 8 locations (in The Netherlands and Germany) without an appointment. The tyres are then changed very quickly.

On average, our mechanics do a complete tyre change for a truck within an hour (based on 4 tyres per truck). In this time, we also balance the steering axle tyres and replace the valves.

A wheel change is even quicker; a complete wheel change is done in 20 minutes! This is based on 4 wheels per truck.

For this reason, our tyring changing service is also known as the Formula 1 tyre change among trucks.


BAS Tyres wheel and tyre changeBAS Tyres wheel and tyre change

8 BAS Tyres locations in Europe

BAS Tyres has 8 locations throughout the Netherlands and Germany. At these locations, a truck can drop by without an appointment. 4 tyres are changed in 1 hour and 4 wheels in 20 minutes. We call this the BAS Tyres Formula 1 service.

The 8 locations are in the following places:

BAS Tyres in the Netherlands

2 locations in Veghel
BAS Tyres Veldhoven
BAS Tyres Nijmegen
BAS Tyres Veldhoven

BAS Tyres in Germany

BTS Hamm (Germany)
BTS Essen (Germany)
BTS Frenchen (Germany)

Map with BAS Tyres locations in Netherland and GermanyMap with BAS Tyres locations in Netherland and Germany

BAS Tyres vehicle alignment

BAS Tyres is also able to align tyres of various vehicles. The alignment of a vehicle is very important. Misalignment causes extra wear to the suspension and tyres, more fuel consumption and can lead to unsafe situations on the road.

At BAS Tyres we are able to align vehicles on site. BAS Tyres' skilled personnel will come to your location to align your vehicle. This is very handy when it comes to large machines that cannot easily be transported on the road.

A mechanic from BAS performing an alignmentA mechanic from BAS performing an alignment
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