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Volvo loader (big earth moving vehicle)Volvo loader (big earth moving vehicle)

Reading the correct tyre size

Earth-moving tyre size in Inches 

In addition to the size in millimetres, the size can also be indicated in inches, an example of this is 14.00R25. The 14.00 is the width of the tyre in inches, the height is not shown in the size, for each size in inches there is a radial size available. For the size 14.00R25 in inches equals the radial size 385/95R25, from this size the height can be extracted.

14.00R25 / 16.00R25 / 26.5R25 / 23.5R25 / 29.5R25

Earth-moving tyre size in millimetres 

The size indication in millimetres is given by a width size, height size and diameter. An example is the size 750/65R25, which means that the tyre has a width of 750 millimetres, 65 is the percentage of the width that equals the height of the tyre. The 25 is the diameter of the rim, so the size is as follows: 750 millimetres wide, with a height of 65% and a rim diameter of 25 Inch.

750/65R25 / 

Load capacity and speed index of earthmover tyres

The load capacity of the earthmoving tyres is indicated by means of a Load Index (LI) for radial tyres and by means of a Ply Rating (PR) for diagonal tyres. The load index or ply-rating is combined with a speed index, which is therefore often called the load/speed index.

Specific speed indexes for earthmover tyres

Deployment Maximum speed Associated speed index
Tyres for wheel loaders 10 km/h A2
Grader tyres 40 km/h A8
Tyres for mobile cranes 70/80 km/h E/FE/F

The pattern design

The tyres have a profile that is 100% designed for the best performance in off-road conditions. The traction that the tyres provide when compared to normal road tyres is unrivalled. This tread works together with the special four-belt structure to guarantee the best performance. The tyres are made to perform in the toughest conditions, with a premium rubber compound for unrivalled traction and durability. With this tyre you have the best grip in all conditions, such as dirt roads, mud, snow, gravel, sand and pebbles. All no problem for our off road tyres!

The different codings are explained below

E stands for Earthmoving, or dumpers. The codes are shown below:

  • E2: Traction
  • E3: Rock, normal profile
  • E4: Rock, deep profile
  • E7: Flotation
Volvo Dumper  A60HVolvo Dumper  A60H

CAT GraderCAT Grader

G stands for Grader. The codes are shown below:

  • G2: Traction
  • G3: Rock, normal profile
  • G4: Rock, deep profile
  • G5: Rock, extra deep tread

L is the acronym for Loader, or a wheel loader/dozer. The codes are shown below:

  • L2: Traction
  • L3: Rock, normal profile
  • L4: Rock, deep profile
  • L5: Rock, extra deep profile
  • L3S: treadless
  • L4S: treeless, thick tread
  • L5S: treeless, extra thick tread
Volvo DozerVolvo Dozer

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