About Golden crown Tyres

Golden Crown logo on a background of black tyresGolden Crown logo on a background of black tyres

The Canadian brand Golden crown not only strives for a high-quality product, but also for excellent value for money. With its low price and proven quality, this budget brand is an excellent choice when you are looking for affordable truck tyres.

BAS Tyres offers a large selection of Golden Crown tyres against very competitive prices.



Golden Crown truck tyreGolden Crown truck tyre

Different type of Golden crown Tyres

Golden crown truck tyres 

Golden crown truck tyres are developed to ensure the most comfortable ride possible. Goldencrown tyres have a special tread design. This ensures that the tyre wears down evenly. This extends the life of the tyre. Also, the deep grooves in the tyre provide a better drainage of water.

BAS Tyres offers Goldencrown truck tyres againt very competitive prices

Golden crown truck tyreGolden crown truck tyre

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