Free shipping with the purchase of 6 tyres (or 12, 18, 24 tyres etc)

Heftruck die een stapel aan banden naar binnenrijdHeftruck die een stapel aan banden naar binnenrijd

To celebrate the complete redesign of our site, we have a special discount offer for you:

You get free shipping when you buy one or multiple full pallets of tyres (one pallet holds 6 tyres). This action only applies to purchases made via our website/webshop and when you use the discount code: FREESHIPPING.
All tyres are included in this action, so you can buy tractor tyres, truck tyres, commercial vehicle tyres and even large earth mover tyres and get free shipping (when you buy a full pallet of tyres)

Because of this action you can buy tyres at very competitive prices, because you save at least € 15 per tyre. If you buy several pallets, the discount can even rise to €50 per tyre!

Read our conditions below to see what the exact rules are for the action.


When do you get free shipping?

The promotion only applies to purchases made via our website/webshop (this site).

The free shipping also only applies if you purchase a complete pallet of tyres. We calculate for this action that there are 6 tyres on a pallet. The promotion is therefore per 6 tyres. For example, if you buy 8 tyres, the promotion does not apply, but when buying 12, 18, 24, 30  tyres etc, the discount applies.

All tyres (Truck, Tractor, Earthmoving and light commercial vehicles) are included in the action, provided that a whole pallet is purchased (6 pieces). 

It is also important that you use the discount code FREESHIPPING during the checkout process. This way the discount will be processed automatically.

We can make exceptions to these rules when buying large quantities of tyres, you can then contact our sales staff by sending a chat (bottom right)
Phone: +31 413 371 104


To which countries does the free shipping apply?

In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France we offer free shipping when you buy a full pallet of tyres.

For the other countries in Europa we lowered our shipping cost to €10 per tyre. This is a €15 discount per tyre (at minimum)

How many tyres do I need to buy to get free shipping?

On average, 6 tyres fit on a pallet. Therefore, we calculate all tyres with this quantity. So if you buy 6 tyres (or a multiple of 6; 12, 18, 24 etc), the discount code applies. But if you order 2 pallets (12 tyres), the code will also apply. If you order 18, 24 or 30 tyres, the discount will also apply. In short, any multiple of 6 is included in the promotion for free shipping.

Do you want to find out if your quantity is included in the action? Divide your quantity by the number 6. If you arrive at a round number (not a decimal point), your quantity is eligible for the promotion.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff.

Phone: +31 413 371 104
Or click the live chat button on the right corner of the site

What is my discount?

The discount per tyre is at least €15 and for large orders the discount can even amount to €50 per tyre. To give you an indication of the discount we have made an example which you can find here



Tyre Total discount
6x Barum 295/60R22.5 €125
12x Barum 315/70R22.5  €225
24x Goodyear 385/65R22.5   €550
54x Michelin 385/55R22.5  €1000

Does the discount apply to all tyres?

Yes, the action is valid for all tyres: truck tyres, tractor tyres, large earthmover tyres and tyres for commercial vehicles are included in this action.

The tyres must, of course, be ordered with a full pallet (i.e. 6 tyres or a multiple of this) via our webshop and the discount code should be applied

Which discount code do I use?

The discount code we use is: FREESHIPPING You can enter this discount code during the checkout process on our webshop. On the right you see where you can apply the discount code.

Do you encounter problems during the checkout process? Please contact one of our salesmen with the help of the livechat button on the right side. We will help you in no time.

What are the promotion conditions?

Above, we have already briefly described a number of the action conditions. To make things even clearer, we have briefly summarised the terms and conditions of the special offer:

  • The discount only applies to purchases made via our webshop. Use the discount code FREETRANSPORT at the checkout. Do you have problems during checkout? Then you can always contact our sales staff.
  • The discount applies only to the purchase of a full pallet of tyres. A pallet holds 6 tyres. The promotion is also valid for the purchase of several pallets of tyres. So, when purchasing quantities of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 etc., we also count the discount. Each multiple of 6 will participate in the promotion.
  • Not in combination with other (discount) actions
  • Action valid until 15 March 2022


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