About Dunlop Tyres

White Dunlop logo on a background of black tyresWhite Dunlop logo on a background of black tyres

With over 120 years of experience in the tyre industry,  Dunlop focuses on performance and value for money. With advanced technology, you can be sure that Dunlop tyres will give you consistent quality on the road.

BAS Tyres specialises in the supply of Dunlop tyres for trucks and light commercial vehicles.



Dunlop logo on a black tyreDunlop logo on a black tyre

Different type of Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop truck tyres 

Dunlop truck tyres are developed to achieve the highest possible mileage. Dunlop tyres are made from 2 types of Silica. This combination reduces tyre wear and provides more grip for faster acceleration.

BAS Tyres offers Dunlop truck tyres againt very competitive prices

Dunlop SP 344 TyreDunlop SP 344 Tyre

Dunlop Light commercial tyres 

Commercial vehicles are essential for transporting products. It is important to Dunlop that this is done safely. This is why Dunlop tyres are developed to perform well in all weather conditions. So if the weather turns unexpectedly bad, you'll always be prepared.

BAS Tyres offer Dunlop light commercial tyres against very competitive prices


Dunlop EconodriveDunlop Econodrive

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