Continental truck tyres

White Continental logo on a background of tyresWhite Continental logo on a background of tyres

Continental is one of the worlds biggest manufacturer of tyres in the world. The company is based in Germany. BAS Tyres offers a large selection of Continental Truck tyres

Besides Continental Truck Tyres BAS tyres also offers Continental light commercial tyres against very competitive prices.

The advantages of Continental truck tyres

Continental has a large variety of truck tyres. Their truck tyres have the following advantages:

  • Specific tyre for every application
  • Long life
  • ContiPressureCheck
Continental Scandinavia HD3Continental Scandinavia HD3

BAS Tyres has the perfect Continental tyre for you

Continental logo on a black tyreContinental logo on a black tyre

About Continental Tyres

The German company Continental is one of the largest global producers of tires. The company is located in 300 locations across 49 countries. With a wide range of products and more than 150 years in the industry, you are assured of a good purchase.

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