About Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone logo on a background of tyresBridgestone logo on a background of tyres

Bridgestone is the largest tire manufacturer in the world. The name Bridgestone comes from the Japanese word "ishibashi" which translated means "stone bridge".

Bridgestone is a Japanese company with more than 181 production sites around the world.
Bridgestone's products are known for their safety, but also for their good value for money.

Bridgestone is best known for its advertising in motor sports, but the brand has also impressed as a producer of tires for vans and trucks.

BAS Tyres specializes in the supply of Bridgestone tires for trucks, earth-moving vehicles (OTR), agricultural vehicles and light commercial vehicles.




Black Bridgestone tyre with Bridgestone logoBlack Bridgestone tyre with Bridgestone logo

Different type of Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone truck tyres 

Bridgestone's truck tires are considered the most fuel-efficient tires in their class. This is partly due to their low deformation pattern and NanoPro-tech. This technology reduces energy loss. In addition to these technologies, many Bridgestone tires also feature their patented waved belt design. This reduces the casing growth and maintains a stable footprint

BAS Tyres offers Bridgestone truck tyres againt very competitive prices

Bridgestone truck tyre Bridgestone truck tyre

Bridgestone OTR Tyres 

OTR tires from Bridgestone are designed for earthmoving machines such as large loaders, articulated dump trucks, etc. Bridgestone's OTR Tires are designed to have; very good cut resistance, very high traction, excellent stability and an extra deep tread for a long tyre life.

BAS Tyres offers Bridgestone OTR tyres againt very competitive prices

Bridgestone OTR VSDT tyreBridgestone OTR VSDT tyre

Michelin agricultural tyres

Many Agricultural tires from Bridgestone feature IF (Increased Flexion) and VF (Very High Flexion) technology. These technologies protect fertile farmland while allowing you to work even faster and more efficiently. You can also carry more weight and use less fuel with this technology.

BAS Tyres offer Bridgestone agricultural tyres against very competitive prices

Bridgestone Light commercial tyres 

Bridgestone's light commercial vehicle tires are distinguished by their performance on a wet road surface. The tires offer plenty of grip despite wet weather conditions. Some Bridgestone tires are also equipped with sidewall protection. This protects the tire when hitting a curb with the side of the tire.

BAS Tyres offer Bridgestone light commercial tyres against very competitive prices


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