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BAS Tyres large workshop for changing wheels and tyresBAS Tyres large workshop for changing wheels and tyres

What is an alignment?

The alignment of a vehicle is very important as it affects the handling of the vehicle but also how the tyres wear out. But what is an alignment?

Alignment is the process of adjusting a vehicle's suspension so that the tyres are positioned exactly straight on the road. If the tyres are positioned straight on the road, this has several advantages:

  • The tyres wear less quickly. Properly aligned tyres extend the life of the tyre and enable more kilometres to be driven.
  • Less fuel is consumed.
  • The vehicle will pull less to the left or right. This makes the vehicle drive better and safer.


Light commercial vehicles at BAS Trucks waiting for an alignmentLight commercial vehicles at BAS Trucks waiting for an alignment

Why is an alignment important?

A properly aligned vehicle steers much better. The vehicle is less likely to veer to one side when the steering wheel is released. This makes driving a lot safer and easier. In addition, the tyres wear out less quickly. This ensures that the tyres retain their profile better, which means that the braking distance is shorter than with a tyre that is worn further. 

Proper alignment also reduces fuel consumption and improves road holding.


Large stock at BAS TyresLarge stock at BAS Tyres

How often do you need an alignment?

How often a vehicle must be aligned depends on several aspects:
How many kilometres are driven with a vehicle? What kind of vehicle is it? Has the vehicle been damaged?

We at BAS Tyres advice the following:

If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to the left or the right, it is time for a new alignment.

White truck and a white work van for an BAS Tyres alignmentWhite truck and a white work van for an BAS Tyres alignment

Alignment on location

BAS Tyres has modern alignment equipment that can be used to perform an alignment on location. This means you don't have to take your vehicle to the garage, which is especially handy for large vehicles like agricultural vehicles or earth movers.

BAS Tyres mechanic performing an alignment on locationBAS Tyres mechanic performing an alignment on location

Truck alignment

More than 70% of trucks are incorrectly aligned! This results in higher fuel consumption and a shorter life span of the tyres. By properly aligning truck tyres, thousands of extra kilometres can be driven on tyres.

If the truck is towing a trailer, it is also important that the trailer is aligned correctly. An incorrectly aligned trailer causes the towing truck to have to correct the trailer. This is bad for the truck's chassis, tyres and fuel consumption.

A properly aligned truck saves 3 to 5% on fuel costs and 15 to 50% on tyre costs each year. There will also be less wear and tear on important parts of the suspension.

BAS Tyres outside workshop where tyres are changed within 1 hourBAS Tyres outside workshop where tyres are changed within 1 hour

Tractor / agricultural vehicle alignment

Many agricultural vehicles are misaligned. Misalignment of a tractor, for example, causes the tyres to wear out very rapidly. About 80% of tractor tyres wear out too fast.

This is because there is wear in the tractor's suspension. This causes the tractor to run out of true. Running out of track increases tyre wear, but also fuel consumption. If a tractor is driven a lot on hard roads, these costs will quickly mount up.

Properly aligning agricultural vehicles reduces the wear of suspension parts, such as steering ball joints, but also the wear of wheel bearings. Fuel consumption will decrease and the tyres will last longer.

Big Tractor wheel at BAS TyresBig Tractor wheel at BAS Tyres

Work van alignment

A lot of kilometres are driven with vans every year. It is therefore important that the tyres are properly aligned. This improves driving behaviour, reduces fuel consumption and, above all, makes it easier to drive the van. The vehicle will also move more safely over the road and be easier to steer.

Proper alignment will also reduce the wear of suspension parts and put less strain on the engine.

Light commercial vehicles in the workshop of BAS TyresLight commercial vehicles in the workshop of BAS Tyres
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