Barum 295/80R22.5 BD200R

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In the transport world, tyres are essential because they ensure the contact between the truck and the road surface. Therefore, you can count on the quality of this BARUM 295/80R22.5 BD200 R tyre at all times. The truck tyre has a width of 295mm, height of 80% and a diameter of 22.5 inches. This 29580225 Barum is suitable for the rear axle. The load/speed index of this truck tyre is 152/148M. Furthermore, this Barum truck tyre has a noise emission of 74 decibels and the EU noise class is 2 black sound waves. The fuel efficiency label of this tyre is label D. Depending on the rolling resistance of your tyre, the fuel efficiency rating varies from: A, the most fuel-efficient tyre that saves you fuel, to G, the least fuel-efficient tyre that consumes the most fuel. The M+S label tells you that the tyre is suitable for use in snow and mud. In addition, this truck tyre also features 3PMSF (which stands for three peak mountain snow flake). This is easily recognised by the symbol of a snowflake with three mountain peaks in the background. With 3PMSF, you have the guarantee that the product complies with the EU standard and is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions such as slippery road and snow. The wet grip rating is C. The rating runs from A to F, with A-rated tyres having the shortest braking distance on wet roads and F-rated tyres the longest. Special wholesale prices are also available for this tyre. If you'd like to be looked after, we can fit this 29580R225 tyre within an hour at all our BAS Tyres locations, so you can get back to work straight away.

More Information

More Information
Brand Barum
Width 295
Height 80
Diameter 225
Variant Alternative
BAS Tyres number BT0000020
OEM 4024063768574
Certified for sale EU Yes
Produced in the EU Yes
Loadindex 1 152
Loadindex 2 148
Size 295/80R22.5
Speedindex 2 M
Speedindex 1 M
M+S Yes
Fuel efficiency D
Grip C
External noise 74

The code "MS" stands for "Mud & Snow". The manufacturer wants to indicate that the car tyre can take a beating. The tyres are deemed suitable for maintaining sufficient grip in wet, cold and muddy conditions.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that your truck tyre is also officially an approved all-season tyre or even a winter tyre.


In order to ensure the safety of real winter countries, the marking 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) has been established; the recognizable Alpine symbol of a snowflake on the background of the three peaks. This is the only reliable symbol that confirms winter properties of the tire. Models with this marking are suitable for demanding winter weather and they do not lose their properties at temperatures below zero. The standard and the EU-controlled mark 3PMSF is a guarantee that the product meets the conditions of the strict tests and is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.


Depending on the rolling resistance of your tyre, the fuel efficiency rating varies from A, the most fuel-efficient tyre that saves you fuel, to G, the least fuel-efficient tyre that consumes the most fuel. 


The "Grip" label shows the tyre's braking ability on wet roads. The rating runs from A (high wet grip) to G (very low wet grip). Tyres with high grip are more likely to bring the vehicle to a stop than tyres with less grip.


The rolling of tyres on the road generates noise. How loud this noise is, is measured in decibels (dB). There are 3 sound classes: 1 sound wave shows that the tyre produces little sound. 2 sound waves show that it is an average tyre and 3 sound waves show that it is a tyre that produces a lot of sound.
A 72 dB tyre makes twice as much noise as a 69 dB tyre. Every increase of 3 dB is in fact a darkening of the sound.

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