About Barum Tyres

Barum logo on a background of black tyresBarum logo on a background of black tyres

The merger of three companies in 1948 led to the establishment of Barum: one of the current leaders in the European tyre industry. Barum is part of the Continental group. As a result, the brand benefits from Continental's experience and knowledge. With an extensive product range and an annual production of more than 21 million tyres, Barum is a good choice if you are looking for reliability and progressiveness.

BAS Tyres specializes in the supply of Barum tires for trucks and light commercial vehicles.



Barum tyre with the Barum logo on the leftBarum tyre with the Barum logo on the left

Different type of Barum Tyres

Barum truck tyres 

Barum's truck tyres are reliable tyres for daily use. The truck tyres are equipped with cut resistance technology and deliver a good price per kilometre. The tyres guarantee a long life and many safe kilometres.

BAS Tyres offers Barum truck tyres againt very competitive prices

Barum BF200RBarum BF200R

Barum light commercial tyres 

The Barum commercial vehicle tyres are distinguished by their good price-quality ratio. The commercial vehicle tyres have been developed with safety in mind. The winter tyres of Barum can therefore brake well and safely, even on a slippery road surface. The tyres also have a low rolling resistance, which means they consume less fuel.

BAS Tyres offer Barum light commercial tyres against very competitive prices


Barum Polaris tyreBarum Polaris tyre

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