About Alcoa Wheels

Blue Alcoa logo on a background of black tyresBlue Alcoa logo on a background of black tyres

Since 1948, the ALCOA brand has been an integral part of the wheel industry. The brand is market leader in the field of aluminum wheels. All ALCOA wheels are made from a single block of aluminum that is forged under an 8,000 ton press. By giving the wheels a special heat treatment, the rims become extra strong.

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Advantages of ALCOA wheels

  • ALCOA's wheels are 5 times stronger than steel wheels
  • ALCOA rims are 51% lighter than steel wheels, making it possible to carry more load. On average, an ALCOA wheel is 16 to 22 kg lighter than the steel wheel.
  • ALCOA offers a 5 year guarantee on its wheels, regardless of how many kilometres they have been driven.
  • ALCOA wheels are forged from aluminium. Aluminium is able to carry off heat better than steel. This results in less tyre wear and a longer life for brakes and suspension.
  • ALCOA's rims are also better for the environment. Aluminium is 100% recyclable and the lower weight of the rims means lower emissions.
Alcoa Dura Bright rimAlcoa Dura Bright rim

Different types of ALCOA finish

The finish of ALCOA's rims makes the brand stand out from the competition. ALCOA rims are available with 3 types of finish:

ALCOA Brushed Finish

Brushed finish: This is the basic finish, which prevents the rims from rusting. These wheels will be less shiny than wheels with LvL ONE finish or Dura-Bright EVO finish.

ALCOA LvL ONE® finish

LvL ONE® finish: this is a very shiny finish that is smoother and shinier than the Brushed finish. These rims do require regular polishing.

ALCOA Dura-Bright® EVO Finish

Dura-Bright® EVO: These types of rims are very easy to maintain. They maintain their brilliance for years without the need for frequent polishing.

Alcoa Level 1 finishAlcoa Level 1 finish

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